As we find it important to produce high quality videos, we use a DJI Mavic Air for the aerial shots and a Gopro Hero 9 for the close-ups and first person views. The editing is done with Davinci Resolve. This makes it possible to edit the clips properly and even use tools like colour grading or object tracking.

Outrun, lift und fetch of around 100 sheep

Marley shows us how he fetches a large group and brings them to me. A mixture of first person view and drone footage.

From the stable to the pen

The training group, in this case a troop of bucks, has to be brought into the pen for the training of the young dogs. However, the boys tend to use every opportunity to escape that comes their way to get back into the pen. Shot exclusively in First Person View.

Outrun, lift and fetch

Marley brings a large flock of about 150 sheep to a large area. Exclusively drone footage.

Sunset herding

In this video Marley just works the sheep a little bit. I have to admit that this video was made because I liked the evening sun so much and I tested the different modes of the drone a bit. But it turned out quite well for that. Exclusively drone footage.